Traces of Fire

Let's paint visions of passion and spread our lust
like fire across the land,
leave traces of your noises and my strength in the air.
Don't hold back
I want to hear your voice

deep in the sky
resonating with the stars
two shadows entwined and

Let's set this place on fire
dance like silhouettes against sand
hot summer sun
burning us alive

set me on fire
I wanna set you on fire
let's do this the right way

beg me for
my strength and passion
beg me for a flood
(don't put out the fire)
beg me

I am your panther
predator holding you to the ground
I have no claws but
muscles and flesh they
tremble as I keep you down

I'll set you on fire and you'll
cry outloud
my name on your lips like
the Holy Spirit just awoke your soul

I see curves and
flesh crashing
the endless tidal wave
crashing to shore and
pulling back

Let's set this land on fire,
press my lips to your damp skin
let's set this earth on fire
show them what it's like
to be consumed

Pulling closer,
crashing together
two shades they crash
the desire to meld forever in this
carnal dance.

Make noise, make all the noise
I want them to hear
while you feel
my strength and my
quick coaxing to the edge

my nimble fingers
your legs wrapped
the wood thuds
against the wall
Leave marks, leave marks on me
dig fingernails into me
Sweet sensation of your pleading in my ear

Your fire is out of control and I will
devour every
blessed inch every damp inch
your legs wrapped
your pleas tumbling into my ear

Is your heart crashing?
I feel it crashing against mine
or is that your flesh
into mine?

Let it go now

And there you fall, fall endlessly only to find
you are still wrapped in my arms
catch your breath
before I set you on fire again.

Ly Hansen

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