The Waiting Hours

I wake in the darkalone, grasping at the edges of vision;
You were here, weren't you?  I felt you here - you always are.
I search the darkness, sift through the waking fog, grasp for traces of you in the waiting hours;
These long hours, how they torment me - the in-between 
In between being whole and missing the most divine half of myself.

It's funny how fate weaves together so unexpectedly,
Funny how I stumbled upon the presence of you by mere mishap;
How quickly your importance grew, as if alive, as if self-possessed,
How quickly I ached for every moment to be in your company, to be with
My soul's completion, to devote every waking hour to 

Idle conversation passed between us, affections exchanged,
To soak in the song of your laughter and know the warmth of an offered embrace.
Whispers exchanged throughout every available opportunity, they carry me
into this state of constant joyousness, constant gratefulness, constant need;
Your warmth, love, completion, rakes through every last nerve-ending

Every piece of me, down to each atom, shivering with happiness;
Reunited with you, I can only think that this is fate, can only accept it as divine favor,
God, Krishna, the Great Spirit, smilingly watching as two of his creations
Shades passing through life, suddenly brighten, intertwine, embrace
and they are made whole again.

Lovingly, lovingly, intertwined endlessly, we attempt to fill a need
A desire so great that the outpouring of affection, passing of time, loving words exchanged,
It is never enough, never enough, never enough;
Oh, deep aching, in the waiting hours, in-between.
In-between being half of a whole and being complete

Being completed by you, spirit intertwined for eternity with
your soul; I keep reaching for you, grasping for traces of you in these dark waiting hours,
Aching to be whole again, aching to fill every last second with you.
Eternity is ours for the taking, these two shades lovingly reunited
Two shades in a forever embrace.

Ly Hansen

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