You Trouble Me In That

You trouble me in that
there’s never enough words to accurately describe
the pummeling of heart against ribs
the rush of blood through veins
at the sky blue, crystal shine of those eyes
or the dazzling glow of a genuine smile
a head thrown back in laughter, coy secretive grin
(these things and more make you more beautiful than can be described)
Yes, you trouble me
because I can never fully explain
the depth of what I feel
or how I believe that
even when the sun burns out
when the stars burst in the sky
leaving nothing but the ghost of celestial memory
shadows, two forms standing underneath the sky
marveling at the smallness of themselves
when all this has disappeared
and the only remembrance is in
molecules floating through space
particles of former physical selves floating through the blackness
I will be there somewhere in the memories of time
haunted, blessed by memories of you
the brightness of your eyes
somewhere out there, together with you
remembering that all I could ever do
was love you.

Ly Hansen

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