Intoxication of a Butch

I have to admit, here before you
I cannot explain why
I must look away from your
Dark, magnetic eyes

You intoxicate
Slip into my mind and sieze control
You overpower completely
You look at me and
I feel your hot breath
On my neck
Like sweet flames rolling over flesh
Rolling over me
taking over me

You caught me
By the tie as you passed
Murmured something
Against my ear

Visions, torrents swelled up. Inside

Lips upon my own
Draining my resistance
Making me sink against you
As any butch should when
Hy finds the

You kissed me with the
Passion of all my
Lovers combined

Fingers graze the back of my neck
I am helpless
I see skin against skin and
My better senses
Take over
My hands slide to cup
Rounded flesh
And I
Seize control.

Kiss you soft,
Slow, as tender as
A gentle breeze,
Graze your cheek with a
Shivering touch.

I answer your lust
With romance.

Lips hover
You are breathless
Hazy as they attempt to open
Chest heaving
Shaking beneath my touch
And your hand slips from my tie.

I straighten it carefully and murmur
"What a dame,"
And press my lips to your cheek
With promises of future encounters.

Ly Hansen

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