You moved like a shadow, a shade,
Beauty through fog, haze
and you made me dizzy.
present tense.  You make

remind me of a face long ago
A smile I saw upon another set of
Oh those lips how I imagine
the heady breath against my own
like a force to be matched
a challenge.

Give our passion no boundary
hold it to no standard
let it spew like fire from the core of
lust love passion desire

heavy and thick
Pervading every pore
Leaving your taste on my lips.

In a vision we move like a vibration
in the earth's very core
Shuddering through every layer
every sinew, muscle, shuddering
every synapse firing alive
startling me to life
reminding me of

This desert heat calls to me
I saw you like a mirage dancing
before my eyes and calling
calling my name like a sweet prayer.

We move in this vision like shades collapsing
colliding, crashing, writhing.

I miss the desert heat
the mirage of the Lord standing on the mountain
smiling down upon our two shadows
as they fell to the sand and stretched.

It becomes this unconnected
film, scratching like an aged beauty

it comes through clear,
your voice crying my name,
and the earth shuddering
at our reawakening.

Ly Hansen

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