We Made Love for Days

Your back arches upward
sweet woman of earth, do you know how beautiful you are?
These fingers, they dance downward across aching flesh
My mouth, seeking flavor
I find it there and 
oh, honey, please can I have it?

The beauty of your curves
how I seek to explore every solitary
Making you ache..
makes me ache.

Lips hover closely over flesh as 
ragged breath fills the air
I want to crush you to me
fill you

this love it swells inside me
like water pouring over an edge it crashes on us
lovers entwined like vines

I want your taste to linger
I want you to leave your marks on my shoulders
to feel your
wrapped around, tugging closer

More places than one
we entwine and combine love with lust

we are swept away together

Your sweet taste lingers
and inside I feel you lock around my
pushing ever further to the heart of you
I'm seeking treasure no one has found

I know you so well, every muscle and nerve
and that place that makes your voice cry out 
as you thunder, quake, crash against
beneath me
slowly grinding down
as your heart crashes against your ribs
and your eyes roll into the blackness of your eyelids
and you cry out my name in love

tears in your eyes, you crush me to you and whisper
"Oh baby, I love you so much, I love you"
and we kiss like this is the last time we will ever make love.

I whisper my love against damp flesh
and my sweet woman of earth
we made love for days.

Ly Hansen

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