Sparks Fly from Fingertips

You ignited this fire
lit this match...

Here I go into another unknown
with visions of passion
and sparks like living spirits between us.

I don't know who you are
to bring such sparks,
such sudden chemistry in hand
but I am lost in your heat
and the way your eyes
match your smile.

Some expert craftswoman
bending this soft butch to your will
coaxing the sweet responses
holding sparks in your palm like magic
hiding them in plain sight
tossing them at me
one by one.

that flirtation in your smile tells me
you want me
to think
that I am in control
but we both know

let's play the game, then.
because I am not in control

but for now we will pretend that I am
as I pull your chair out for you
and your eyes flicker behind
to catch mine
alight with flame.
Sparks fly from your fingertips
as they catch my arm in passing
gratitude or

An old-fashioned romance
here begins
a new-age adventure
down another path
the unknown of what spirit
lies behind every spark
that you flick from
your fingertips
in my direction.

Ly Hansen

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