Erin Leigh Hansen

Hey Mom?
I can't sleep tonight.
Do you remember coming into my room
when you couldn't sleep
and jumping on my bed that late night?
You woke me up with laughter and a plea,
"yeah, I'll come sit with you."
Some conversation while you had a smoke.

Did you know, you were my best friend?
Did you know how beautiful you were?

We don't talk about you much
I'm ashamed to say.
I'm trying my best.
It's been 2 years.

My chest burns a little when I think about you
he took the pictures down, except for a few.

It's only been 2 years.
Has it really been 2 years?
Almost, anyway.

I wonder...why did it happen so close to
I wonder...why did it happen?

Winter seems darker without you
There's a knot in my throat.

Did you know, they didn't even mention me in your eulogy?
I guess the "step" in stepdaughter means
I was a step down.

You know, I think everyone knew we were best friends
How else can you describe two people who
knew every little secret, laughed at all the right things
like the person who fell on the stairs
and swung upright to the other side of the railing
"Woop!" you sounded, and we fell together in laughter.

It resonates in all my memories of you
all the good ones, anyway.
I wish I could hear you laugh again.

Hey Mom?
I can't sleep tonight
I'm crying a little
and my throat aches, burns
I'm afraid to call out to you
because I know you're gone
2 years too long.

Ly Hansen

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