Little girl with the long hair
you are unfamiliar to me
you feel as distant to me as the ocean.
I don't remember who you were
I don't remember you
Any recollection I have is foggy
although I remember

sitting on top of my play house
singing Madonna, loudly
or the secret panel of carpet
where we hid things away from everyone else
like the Daffy Duck figurine
or secret notes to the girl I had a crush on.

Who was I?
that little girl, she's like a stranger
do normal people
forget their childhood?

I wonder what you would think of me now
little girl, little me
who I have become
who we have become

If I sat next to you as you
shoved your fingers in the little blue holes on that bench
and told you all we were going to experience
all the times you would laugh, cry.
I would tell you that nothing lasts forever
and you would forever be the person
I was trying to get back to.
Your name to me now
is innocence, bliss.

I wonder in some alternate universe
if there's a little girl
who looks just like me
young forever, with Peter Pan's lost boys
living happily.

I wonder if you'd believe me
if I told you everything we are now
if you'd believe me when I told you
I still don't know who I am
who we are, and that
you...little Lisa, probably knew more then
about us
about me
than I know about me now.

Little child with a heart unopened
unbruised, unbroken
Little child, little me
I miss you.

Ly Hansen

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